For your convenience we offer the following services ...  
- Children's Menu
- Chair for babies
- Wading
- Solariums
- Ecological Reserve Area
- Palapas and umbrellas with restaurant service in Playa Varadero.
- Palapas and umbrellas with restaurant service in Playa Coral.
- Rent and / or sale of Snorkel equipment.
- Snorkel Instructors
- Massage Service.
- Shop of beach articles
- Weddings and Special Events organization



Here are some travel tips of places you can visit on your trip to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, we have many activities you can undertake in our beach destination ...



Ixtapa Island

To go to the island you don´t need additional services of any tourist guide, it´s very easy to get here, you can take a taxi to Playa Linda from Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo downtown, another option are the "minibuses" that take you here for only $ 10.00 pesos. In Playa Linda you can take a boat to the ixtapa island and they charge $ 40.00 round trip. The boat service is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Getting to the island, ask to the boatman to drop you at the second pier, that is Playa Varadero... and that´s it, we are the first restaurant.

We have facilities in Playa Coral, excellent for practicing free diving or snorkel.
Don´t forget to bring your camera, as we have a dedicated Endangered species such as deers, iguanas, parrots, armadillos and raccoons among other area.


Bicycle Path

A good hike, bike ride or run ... In Ixtapa begins at Paseo de los Viveros (located behind the Campo de Golf Palma Real and residential area). The route passes through a tropical forest with majestic trees as ceiba, hujes and parotas, some measuring over 35 meters. Birdwatchers will find a number of species, woodpeckers, orioles, parakeets, parrots, grouse, eagles, hawks and other exotic birds. Other species that can be seen here are crocodiles, turtles, armadillos, green iguanas, squirrels, ferrets, raccoons, opossums and more.


At the entrance to Playa Linda is a Cocodrilario, access is free. With exuberant vegetation, this estuary next to Playa Linda houses local fauna, especially the spectacular crocodiles of all ages that inhabit here.

It is a major tourist attraction, especially for children, to observe these carnivorous reptiles in their natural habitat, and at the same time do so safely as they are located within a fenced area.


Mercados de artesanías

You can find them in Playa Linda, Ixtapa, El Centro de Zihuatanejo and Playa la Ropa.
Places to shop in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo offer us the chance to buy beautiful samples of local handicrafts, as well as numerous creations of sites near the state of Guerrero, where the tourist complex of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is located.

For example, those who travel to Ixtapa to enjoy its lovely beaches, also do so with the purpose of acquiring silver from Taxco at excellent prices, as well as textiles and basketry of the best quality.

Here are some tips of places you can visit on your trip to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, we have many activities you can undertake in our beach destination, and to better plan your trip, we give you the following links:,,,


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La Ropa Beach
Ixtapa Island is a small island or islet near Ixtapa in the state of Guerrero. It is known for diving and water sports. The access is by a water taxi (panga) from Playa Linda.  


One of the most beautiful beaches for swimming and water sports is Playa La Ropa, its waves are gentle, perfect for swimmers and non-swimmers too.


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